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The Betsy Foundation grew as a small seed through the grief and sadness of losing Betsy, a deeply loved daughter and sister. As a family we have experienced our fair share of grief and loss, and have come through it with the support and love of those around us.


We are, however, deeply aware of the wealth of relationship that surrounds us, and all too often the number of people who have far more to deal with and with far less to prop them up. The Betsy Foundation will support those who require a little extra in their hours of need. 




Kate has spent many years living abroad, setting up and delivering social and environmental projects. She has also completed qualifications in horticulture and permaculture and has been involved in land-based design projects creating sustainable, food-based programs in India, Australia and the UK.


She is passionate about the environment and growing food and is always exploring opportunities to live more harmoniously with the Earth. She is dedicated to social equality and environmental sustainability.

​Kate is a qualified acupuncturist with practices in Brighton and East Grinstead and has previously spent many years working within the care industry. 




David has worked with charities for 20 years alongside a successful entrepreneurial career. He was founder director of three companies which he built from scratch, developed and sold. He has a wide knowledge of business across its many facets.


In the charitable sector he has worked with a number of organisations on a strategic level as well as mentoring senior and middle management executives.  


David had five children. Betsy, after who this Foundation is named, died of cancer at the age of 30. Ella, Hazel, Oliver and Kate and their partners are all involved in the work of the foundation together with his wife Kim. His outside interests include travel, walking and involvement in the arts.

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