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Supporting charities to support others

Betsy Foundation is a family run initiative giving grants to small and medium sized charities which make the world a better place for those in need.


Our mission is to assist the organisations which provide this deeply needed support to young people in our communities. 

We support a broad spectrum of organisations, focusing on the most vulnerable people in our communities. We feel passionately that those who are struggling should have the best chance of accessing the resources they need.

We normally provide financial grants of up to £30,000 to UK-based charities that operate in London and the South-East to help them overcome poverty, abuse and homelessness for the younger members of our society.


We are interested to hear from you if a grant from the Betsy Foundation could unlock your potential to deliver a vital project. These criteria would need to apply:

  • The beneficiaries are primarily under 30 years old and are currently living in London and the South-East of England.

  • The grant of up to £30,000 can have a significant impact as a one-off grant or over a two-year period [Betsy Foundation only makes multiple grants for a maximum of two years]

  • The impact of the grant will help to alleviate the effects of poverty, abuse and homelessness as well as help recipients to overcome the causes e.g. to help them into more sustainable, safe and economically secure lives.

We understand that for any individual or group, poverty, abuse and homelessness are caused by complicated situations, including poor health and mental health, poor education, lack of opportunities including access to employment, stigma and racism, family and relationship breakdown. With this in mind, the Betsy Foundation provides grants to charities that are focused on addressing both the end results of such circumstances, or the situations that have led to them. The impact of the current pandemic have also increased insecurity for many people and exacerbated disadvantages across society, which is why we feel now it is more important than ever to attempt to relieve some of the financial burden so that those supporting people in need can continue their crucial work.

We believe that if we work together, we can make a big difference in the world to make it a better, gentler place for us all.


If you are looking for support for your organisation click here to find out if you're eligible. 


Examples of charities that Betsy Foundation supports

Caring Child
Woman on Window Sill
Soup Kitchen





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